How to Unblock Websites Easily Anywhere?

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The Internet censorship has been increasing since many years now. Some of the countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, and Pakistan are right now leading in this sector. They have banned to use of many sources of free and honest information from the public and the world. This is why there are a lot of queries regarding how to unblock us on the Internet by a lot of the public. One country that has even made Google forcefully filter their searches to a vast extent is China. According to them, the websites are of no use for some places like the colleges, schools, and even for the offices. For situations like these, people would need a method to use the websites that are blocked for them. So, to access and unblock games, unblock YouTube and everything else on the Internet, read the following.

Which sites are usually blocked that cause requests on how to unblock our requests on the Internet?

Before we move further, let us understand about which sites are the ones that block most of the time.The websites that get blocked by some places and even countries are the ones with information on women, politics, religion, health, medicine, and pop culture.  Other websites like the Tumblr. Blogger or the BlogSpot, Wattpad, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Twitter, Pinterest, Bebo and many more of the social media sites. Not only are these websites blocked, there are a lot of game websites that are blocked as well which is why people look for was to unblock games or to find unblocked games to play online in some countries. Some places also block the websites like eBay, Google News, Wikileaks, and the Google News.

Access & unblock games, YouTube & a lot more in your schools & Offices!

Now that you are clear about what is going on in this world, let us move towards the methods in which you can unblock YouTube, unblock games and a lot more where you wouldn’t need to ask your management or government to unblock us or unblock me anymore. And since there enough of genuine reasons why you would want to visit a website, this would let you know exactly how to access the unblocked games and a lot more. Just keep it in mind that this is not for any illegal kinds of stuff so it is better you stay away from it before you get into more trouble instead.

Unblock Us with the Cache method

Almost all the search engines have a saved cache of the pages that they have indexed for their search engine. Cache here is the screen shot of the page that is kept for an emergency usage when they actual site might be down. It is also since they index the page, they keep a copy of the page with them. You can use this to basically view the page, without having to request any higher authority to unblock us. To access the cache page of a website, search for the page on any search engine like Bing, Yahoo, or Google. You would find the cache page link on the side of the URL. Moreover, the page would load quickly. But the bad point is that you would only be able to access the text version of the web page. The basic thing here is that, since the website comes from the search engine’s server, you would be able to access it without the issues with IP address or URL-based filters.

Unblock Us by using Google Web Light

Though the actual usage of this is to remove all the CSS styling and the JavaScript for those whose Internet Connection is highly slow on their mobile, this is a way you can use it to get the unblock me a solution. It just offers a stripped down version of the actual website from one of the search engine server itself. Again, since the content comes from the Google Server, it has nothing to be blocked about for you. This makes the software blocking the things for you feel that you are visiting Google. But in real, you are viewing the actual website. Open the Google Web Light and add the URL you want to visit. Even though this has been made for the mobile phones, you can access it on your computer as well.

Access unblocked games & websites with Google Translate

Another method to avoid requesting for the higher authorities to unblock us is by using the Google Translate to visit the blocked websites. To make this happen, all you need to do is enter the different language in the “To” field or the “From” field and translate the page. Just paste the URL in the space and do the above to view it. This would overcome the keyword block and let you visit the page you want to see helping you even unblock games easily.

Unblock Us by Creating a 2 layered unblocker

One of the simplest and best ways is to go to google translate and use the proxy website to translate it and then open the URL you want to view. This would make it two layers giving you the chance to even access more while you hide from anyone finding out.

Use the RSS Readers for accessing & unblocking us for blogs

All the blogs that you see on the Internet have syndicated their content through the RSS feeds. Hence, you can easily subscribe there into the readers for the RSS that are web based like Feedly so that you can view the content easily.

Unblock us using IP address instead of URL

To open and get unblocked games or any other website, all you need to do is type the IP address in the address bar of the browser and not the URL of the website. This is one of the most basic forms of passing the keyword blocking done by the management. But still, this is not a perfect idea as there are chances that the software that is blocking the website can map the IP address and the URL. And if they do this and succeed, the desired website would still remain blocked. The IP address of a website can be found out by typing in the URL of the website in the command prompt. Just type – “ping” to get the IP of Tuxler, which is a company that provides with not only free VPN connections but also a lot of tips and advises.

Unblock us by converting the IP addresses into decimal format

If you have tried all the above points and have still not succeeded, convert the IP address that you have to enter into the decimal format one. This would give you the access to the website in no time. You can get the converted IP address by even typing in Google and getting the solution for that. A lot of websites would come up giving you the solution you need. Then put it in the URL bar and then check if the website is still blocked or unblocked now!

Unblock us with the Opera Mini Simulator

Opera Mini is a browser that was created for those who have a really slow internet connection. You can install the Opera Mini on your computer, that is the PC version and open the blocked websites to access them easily. This is possible since the websites are opened from the Opera’s Server and not from the main website’s server. Almost all the websites would load with this, but the quality of the page cannot be guaranteed to you.

Unblock us by editing your Host files

There is malware that is no different from the blocking software where the both edit the host files on your PC. This is done by putting in a new web address into it that would block you from visiting any of them. For this, you can edit the host file in the Notepad. Visit the “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc”, that is when C is the system drive for your PC.

Unblock us by changing the DNS server

One way to block a website is by limiting the DNS server so that they cannot give the location of the website’s server that has been blocked. For this circumstance, you can change your DNS server to a Google DNS one or the OpenDNS one so that you can unblock games and unblock us easily. The perk about this is that it can increase your Internet Speed as well.

Unblock us with the IP hiding Software

There are some time situations where a website blocks the IP address of a person who is trying to visit their website due to some reasons. This can be overcome by using the IP hiding software where you can easily overcome the blocks you are encountering.

Unblock us with the Proxy websites

You can easily open the blocked websites and unblock YouTube and many other things with the Proxy websites. This is since they use their own IP address that belongs to a server from a very different place or country as compared to what your current location is. This helps you hide all your information and also get access to every website easily. Tuxler provides with Proxy servers that are reliable and highly durable.

Unblock us with VPN software

The VPN is something you might have heard about. In case you haven’t heard about it, it is a Virtual Private Network that is a software that is like the proxy server. The difference is that gives more security and offers more anonymity to the user. It basically encrypts all the data that is sent to and from the website you are using it with. Although you would find almost all the VPN software as paid ones, Tuxler is one that offers it for free where it has a lot of features that are added to it as well.

So, to get the solution to unblock us easily, the best method is to get either a proxy service or a VPN connection. Visit get the best services today!